Vote Local Day 1: What Happens When Every Family Votes (ft. Khulia Pringle, Wendy Gonzalez-Neal and Maritza Guridy)

Our democratic system suffers without the input of families like yours. This is why we’re doing the #GetEducated Week of Action to encourage families—including yours—to harness our opportunity to make change in our communities. This happens when we #VoteLocal.

Education Post’s Lisa Hollenbach is hosting panel discussions on our Facebook Live with educators and activists to break down the ways our system of government works—and how we can use it to get the resources our communities need. 

On Monday, Lisa had on brightbeam activist Khulia Pringle and her colleagues from National Parents Union, Wendy Gonzalez-Neal and Maritza Guridy, to discuss the issues that matter most to families and communities and why they plan to #VoteLocal in this year’s election.

They discussed the importance of learning how to interact with people who hold office, how to interact with candidates for those offices, and continuing to engage after the election. 

To keep the #VoteLocal momentum going, head to our sister site Voice to Action to get the details on where we go from here.


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