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Join hundreds of people converging in Burlington, VT to make a GIANT HUMAN OIL SPILL at the New England Governor’s Conference! After the action, make some new friends and share your ideas with a general assembly of Occupy activists from throughout New England.

Even if you can’t go – support the action!

You’ve probably heard: Oil companies are plotting to ship their TAR SANDS OIL through northern Vermont and New England.

You’ve probably also heard: New England’s governors & Canadian premiers are meeting in late July in Burlington, VT to discuss the future of energy in our region. Right now Tar Sands oil transportation isn’t even on the agenda. Let’s change that.

Occupy Maine is mobilizing as many people as we can to travel more than 250 miles each way. We have a small bus and couple cars and are likely to spend between $400 and $500 on gas alone. Any help you can give would be amazing! Together we are power!

Wear a black t-shirt & clothing to create an oil spill motif.
Where: Gather at Battery Park – 2pm EST, Sunday, 29th.

Check out Converge on the Conference for information about other fun revolutionary actions happening in Burlington that weekend.printable promotional flyer

What is Occupy Maine doing?

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Voices of Occupy Maine

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Occupy Maine is a movement that stands in solidarity with but is independent from Occupy Wall Street and other “Occupy” protests across the country, as well as the world. Originally established October First in Monument Sq. located in downtown Portland, Maine; Occupy Maine soon had occupation sites all over the state including Augusta, Bangor, Brunswick, Kennebunk, Aroostook County, Biddiford, Mount Desert Island, and Waldo County. The Portland Occupy Maine group moved its encampment from Monument Sq. to Lincoln Park, Portland oldest public park, on October 3rd, 2011. The Lincoln Park encampment was one of the countries longest running occupation sites before it was peacefully evicted from the park by the city of Portland on Friday Feb, 10th 2011.

In accordance with the Occupy Wall Street slogan “you cannot evict an idea whose time has come” the Occupy Maine group in Portland has continued to and will continue to be active after the Lincoln Park eviction. OM has established an office located at the Meg Perry Center a facility with a great tradition of social activism. All are welcome to drop by to get involved or simply gather information. Thanks for visiting our website!

CONTACT US -General Assembly and working meetings: locations and times posted on the calendar Office Address: Occupy Maine, c/o Meg Perry Center 644 Congress Street, Portland, Maine 04101. Office Phone: 207-221-5899   Voice to text line: 207-200-1791 Direct Action Text messaging line: [coming soon]

DONATATIONS General Donations can be made at our office, at our events, or online here. Donate to media here. Donate to Friends of Lincoln park fund here. Donate to the legal defense fund here.