EdNext Podcast: Why Some Schools Are Responding Well to the Pandemic – by Education Next

The CEO of the Silicon Schools Fund, Brian Greenberg, joins Education Next Editor-in-chief Marty West to discuss how schools have transitioned well to distance learning during the Covid-19 pandemic, and others have struggled.

Successful schools, Greenberg says, “had such deep relationships with these kids and such a moral purpose in what they were doing, it felt unconscionable to just take a week or a month or three months off and come back and see where the kids had landed.”

By contrast, “if you’re in a highly rule-bound organization where there is not a sense of teamwork, where there’s not trust, where there’s not an overall commitment to high quality, I would go as far as to say it is impossible to make the jump to distance learning with any quality.”

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Greenberg’s post, “What We’ve Learned from Distance Learning, and What it Means for the Future,” is available now.

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— Education Next

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